Refrigerated Trucking Services

Refrigerated Shipping FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a full truckload of product weighing 42,500 lbs. gross. Can you fit that in 1 truck?
Yes. All of our trucks can scale 42,500 gross lbs. of product.

Can I ship small orders without paying for the entire truck?
Yes, this is called "LTL" which stands for "less than load". You can ship 1 box, 1 pallet, 5-10 pallets etc. without paying for a full truckload. Heitz Trucking can cover all your shipping needs within the state, large or small.

How long will it take my shipment to deliver once it's picked up?
We strive to make every delivery next day. Depending on your consignee's appointment availability, 95% of the freight we handle delivers next day.

I have more than a Truckload worth of product, what can I do?
Not a problem! We can fill one truckload to the legal limit, and send the overflow portion as LTL.

Does frozen freight cost more to ship than refrigerated?
No. We try to keep our pricing very fair and standard across the board. There is no extra charge for shipping frozen freight.

Can I ship a pallet of ice cream as LTL ?
It is our company policy to only ship ice cream as a dedicated truckload, and not LTL to protect the integrity of your freight. Even if it's only a couple of pallets, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your freight is going from point A to point B at 20* BELOW zero (-20* F.)

How do you calculate your fuel surcharge?
We have a fuel matrix that adjusts the fuel surcharge accordingly with the weekly California State Diesel fuel average determined by the Department of Energy. For a copy of our fuel surcharge chart, please email

How tall can I stack my pallets?
90" as long as your freight is stable, shrink wrapped and properly secured to the pallet. We limit pallet height to 90" to ensure proper cold air flow within the trailer. When stacking your pallets, please keep in mind, your freight will be traveling many miles before delivering, and we cannot be responsible for product that was stacked too tall or unstable for transport.

If I ship a truckload, how many pallets can I fit in the trailer?
Our fleet of 53' refrigerated trailers can hold up to 30 pallet positions if they can be loaded sideways, don't hang over the pallet edges and don't exceed the legal weight limits. When shipping high cube loads, more pallets means less weight per space. As an example, with a 24 pallet order weighing 42,500 lbs, we can single pallets in the front and back of the trailer to ensure we don't exceed the axle weight regulations. If you ship a 28-30 pallet order, you will not be able to single any pallets or control your weight distribution if all your pallets are the same weight. This increases the risk of being too heavy in the front or back of the trailer. We recommend with loads over 40,000 gross lbs. that you try to ship in 26 pallet positions or less.

If a forklift is not available and your pallets cannot be turned sideways, our 53' trailers can hold 24 pallet positions loaded straight into the trailer.